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This Ixwebhosting review site is hosted. All their secret is revealed via our real life testing. To fully understand a web host, you need to get into it and test it inside out. That is what we belief in, get real experience and run some field test, all web hosting reviews are based on true facts and not prediction. This is what differentiates this review site from the others and make us the best review blog today. We have self-owned shared hosting account with Ix web hosting, we pay for our web hosting plan, and we host few websites with Ix web hosting right now. That is 100% real reviews and based on real facts and experience.

So far we have posted more than 200 Ix review articles, fully based on our testing and research finding, and this is the best it can be. Off course, all these reviews are provided free right here, and anyone can refer to the information. We have Ix web hosting uptime and downtime stat provided free too. View it to see what is our Ix website uptime percentage and how good is their web hosting services.

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Is Ixwebhosting any good? This is a famous web hosting company. Their hosting price is affordable, hosting quality is great and has been around since 1999 and offering great web hosting services until now. They are now with Linux and Windows hosting plans, three variety of shared web hosting plans to choose from. They are now offering VPS hosting plans and highly reliable cloud hosting services too. They are now more than just budget service provider and became a very professional company over the many years.

We know their web hosting quality is one of the best and our websites hosted with their shared web hosting are receiving great uptime rating. Website speed, quality, and uptime are above expectation and we are happy with the service quality. Ix web hosting is unique and they give a lot of dedicated IP address. Their shared hosting package with 15 dedicated IP and 3 free domains is irresistible. All these cost more than $200 dollars per year, and you are getting them for free when hosting with Ix hosting. No wonder, they are now preferred by more than 500,000 websites.

Ixwebhosting review on feature specification. As we mentioned, we are hosting with Ix web hosting for many years and using their services. For this, we know their web hosting features, their features and tools provided. We know everything about them, what new features being introduced, and what they have been improving for recent years. Via our Ix web hosting reviews we witness their system improvement, new VPS hosting and new cloud hosting introduced, and many more.

Here are their shared hosting plan and features:

  • Unlimited storage space, bandwidth and domains.
  • Free 15 IP addresses, 3 domain names, website builder and 1-click installer.
  • Free domain security scanning and redundant network routing.
  • Including $75 Google Adwords, $50 Miva ads, $25 Yahoo search and marketing videos.
  • 24/7 technical support with dedicated support representative.
  • 99.9% network uptime & anytime money back guarantee.

Ixwebhosting review on VPS web hosting. They are launching this VPS hosting plan at year 2009! We trust them and it’s been offering excellent service uptime, good customer service, and feature rich web hosting. Is their VPS web hosting plan any good and should we upgrade to these plan? Here is what $29.95 dollars can buy you:

  • 1 CPU core with 384 MB guaranteed RAM.
  • 10 GB disk storage and 500 GB data transfer.
  • Host unlimited domains.
  • Free 2 dedicated IP addresses.
  • Complete root and admin access.

Refer to diagram below for all three VPS plans features and comparison. Choose the plan that met your budget and start from the smaller plan for best value for money. Upgrade is available and user account can be upgraded to bigger or downgrade to lower plan at user preference.

What are the advantages to host with VPS web hosting plan and why to upgrade from shared hosting?

  • It offers full server access, configuration and admin control. This allows software installation and server rebooting at any time.
  • It is more superior compare to shared hosting. It offers better uptime and performance.
  • Your hosting space is not shared with any other users. This is independently own web hosting environment and hence guarantee higher level of security.
  • With faster website, Google love it and rate it higher in search ranking.
  • More visitor can visit your site and at faster loading speed.

For a small price upgrade, user can choose to upgrade to VPS plan and received the benefits and advantages. When your site is growing in scale and traffic, a new VPS plan upgrade is the best choice and it’s not expensive when choosing this VPS package which is designed according to user budget.

Ixwebhosting review on cloud hosting service. During 2010, virtual private server (VPS) hosting is the big thing, lots of web hosting companies jump in and start offering VPS hosting plan. They do offer VPS hosting plan too, and you can view their VPS hosting plan for comparison. This year 2011, there is a new big thing, and it’s named the cloud hosting service. What is cloud web hosting and why is more and more web hosting companies are offering this?

Ix cloud hosting offers the best redundancy and best performance. It offers total control and flexibility of a dedicated server. Quality of services and service uptime are the best too. It also allows root access to websites, Internet service, SQL, software application, and infrastructure service.

After we checked and compare cloud with the other cloud hosting plan, clearly we see the different now. Their cloud hosting plan is a cloud VPS hosting plan, you have combination of VPS hosting feature with redundancy of cloud web hosting. That is rock solid VPS hosting plan in short!

Ixwebhosting review on control panel. There are some improvement to Ix web hosting control panel here and there, we are witnessing some changes in the pass few months. In our previous Ix control panel reviews, we stated that control panel allows multiple account management; from here you get to manage all your web hosting accounts and domain name registered with Ix web hosting. If you have many hosting account like we do, you can log in to Ix control panel and manage all your hosting accounts at once, it just like WHM control panel that allows you to edit current web hosting accounts you have.

Next, there are new features added to Ix web hosting control panel, from the left you can see there is quick link to ix product page. Buy more product or domain name made easy, you can upgrade to VPS hosting plan and order it from Ix control panel too. There is new marketing centre and business centre added to the menu too. Ix marketing centre is where you get all the free marketing credits for online PPC advertising, including Miva, Google Adwords and yahoo marketing.

There is new Ix status blog link included too, this blog is updated with server maintenance schedule and any downtime occurs to web server. If your website is down at anytime, you can log in and get to this Ix status blog to check on your web hosting server downtime status if any. The Ix support team with live chat is available at CP and ready to assist you too.

Ixwebhosting control panel demo

Ixwebhosting review on customer support. They are now offering dedicated support hero for their customer, regardless you signup $3.95 hosting plan or the $7.95 hosting plan, you are getting dedicated support hero for your account!

We recall few weeks ago, we get the dedicated customer support in our Ix control panel. We are assigned to a support team, and there is profile of them and contact person to reach for when we need it. It’s what they referring dedicated support team for their customers. Its great, we have try that before, contact the support team for assistant, and they are very specialized in helping us. That’s the advantage of having a dedicated support team, its highly specialized!

Now, they are featuring dedicated support at homepage, and now its one of the feature that differentiates them from other web hosting company. You can’t find dedicated support for other web hosting plan that you have, compare it with Hostgator Bluehost Hostmonster etc, can you get the same dedicated support team? Not!

Is Ixwebhosting sucks or not?  If your websites is hacked recently, you are welcome to post all about it here. Tell us which of your websites being hacked, and the server that you reside on. This information will greatly help other people too.

If you are hosting with them, these are the extra thing that you can do to protect your websites from getting hack (again). For example grant FTP login for your IP range, and blocking FTP access from other IP. More website security precaution that your website can take is to use the most updated software version, example the latest WordPress version. Use secure password with strong combination for your website login, FTP accounts, and hosting account. Do not install insecure web script or apps or plug-in. And make sure they are updated as well.

Tell us which of your websites getting hacked, when, and how (if you find out how). Once again, this information will greatly help others. Share it here!

The Ixwebhosting affiliate program pays up to $150 dollars per sales, for each successful customer that you sent to them. They are now paying from $50 dollars to $150 dollars; you earn more for the bigger hosting sold. If you sent in 10 customers each month, you can earn from $500 to $1500, it depend on which hosting plan your customer chose.

We having few hosting account with them and from setup email that we received, following are the pair of domain name servers that we am suppose to use:

  • Primary name server:
  • Secondary name server:

Following are few of their DNS, there might be more. Thus, you should refer to your account setup email and use the designated DNS record, and so your website can be hosted here.

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Ixwebhosting review and coupon by Beatty Molloy

If you are searching for an affordable web hosting service to get a dedicated IP address due to your low budget then Ixwebhosting can be the best choice for you as it allows you to start with a shared hosting account at the low price of $3.95 per month. The Ixwebhosting review provided in this write-up will help you to know more about this hosting service.


Ixwebhosting service was started back in 1999 through the server in a living room. But today the company serves more than 110,000 customers all over the world who host more than 460,000 websites every year. Today they serve from the combined building of their headquarter and data centre at Columbus in Ohio, USA.

Features and plans

Ixwebhosting offers its hosting services through three different plans- shared hosting plan, cloud hosting plan and VPS hosting plan. Shred and cloud hosting plans are further divided into levels including professional, businesses and corporate users. The initial plan of shared hosting for experts and professionals offers one domain name and 2dedicated IP addresses at $6.95 per month which can be reduced to the promotional price of$1.95 through Ixwebhosting coupon but its renewal will cost $6.95/month. Similarly Ixwebhosting coupon can be used to reduce the promotional cost of business plan for 2 domain and 3 dedicated IP addresses for $9.95/month to $7.95/month. Its corporate plan that costs $12.95/month can also be reduced to $7.95/month by using Ixwebhosting coupon to avail 3 domain and 15 iP addresses.

Cloud hosting plan allows professionals to use 2x CPU core,1GB RAM, to transfer 300GB data at the promotional price of 99.99/month whereas its renewable price is $160.35/month. Similarly business plan allows using 4GB RAM and 2x CPU core to transfer 900 GB data at $174.99/month against $246.55/month renewal cost. Its corporate plan allows transferring 1500 GB data with 4xCPU core and 1,500 GB RAM at $249.99/month against $319.50/month renewal cost.

The VPS hosting services offered by Ixwebhosting can be availed at $54.95/month on the dual core server with bandwidth, disk space and RAM of your choice.

The control panel offered by Ixwebhosting for its shared hosting services is a bit disappointing as it is not user friendly especially for beginners. Newbies may not host and run their blogs easily through this platform. They will have to make additional efforts which will not be easy for them

Customer Support

Ixwebhosting offers 24/7 customer support through phone, email, chat and online support ticket like various other hosting service providers.

Service Uptime

Ixwebhosting is considered to be a reliable web hosting service as they guarantee to provide 99.9% uptime for hosting your website anytime in a year. They promise to refund your hosting fee on your online request, if in any month the uptime falls below.


The technology used in iXWebHosting makes it one of the best hosting services for its clients. They offer safe and reliable hosting services at affordable prices to their clients. The company ensures to give better performance to its clients through e-mail services, e-mail support, e-commerce features, better customer support services and reliable technology.

Pros and Cons

Advantages and disadvantages provided here under are based on the personal experiences of its users during last one and a half decades.


  • The dedicated IP addresses which are very important for most of the professional web designers are generously offered by Ixwebhosting .
  • Great features are offered at very affordable prices.
  • It offers great hosting service for the customers in USA as its English speaking representatives available onsite can help them.
  • Its 99.99%uptime makes it one of the most reliable servers.
  • They follow honest business practices as they refund their hosting fee without asking any question, if you are not satisfied their services within trial period.


The control panel of Ixwebhosting is not easy to use especially for beginners.


After going through the Ixwebhosting review, provided in this write-up, you will have to decide whether you want to use it for hosting your website or not. If you are a newbie then Ixwebhosting is not suitable for you as you will have to struggle a lot for using its control panel. Its outdated user interface is not user friendly and there are certain other limitations that may restrict your hosting capability. But if you want an affordable web hosting service then Ixwebhosting can be the best choice for you as it offers solid hosting servers, complete hosting features and exceptional customer service at a very reasonable cost. Under Pro plan it also provides lots of free dedicated IP addresses to the professionals.

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Can you run your business for free from cafe?

Over the years, businesses have been going through various changes. Just as is the case with fashion, businesses also adopt new trends. This means that for your enterprise to remain relevant and earn you more profit, it’s best to learn the trends in the market and join the bandwagon. The birth of social media, for instance, has benefited more entrepreneurs who get to advertise their products online and gain more clients. It has become an in-thing now to have a stable source of income online. So just what is this new online business trend and why is it becoming more popular?

Running your business online refers to operating (providing a service or product) over the internet. It requires no start- cost as your office is online; you don’t get to interact with your customer’s face to face and you can run it from anywhere (café). Doing business online takes many forms depending on your product/ service and target market. It can take many forms such as;

  • Websites.

Websites are the most common form of online businesses. They give your business a digital platform that allows you to reach out to a global audience. Websites work as marketing tools for your products and services; they also increase customer engagement giving them access to your business anytime, anywhere. Through websites, your brand is known and reputation enhanced. To get started with websites all you need is your domain registered and a web hosting company.

  • Blogs.

Blogs are fast becoming a popular form of online business. One is able to market and promote their business through the regular blog posts. The use of photographs and audio effects makes blogs more appealing to a larger audience. Blogs are open to everyone and this helps you reach out to potential customers. The regular updates help improve your SEO and this will market your business to a broader audience. Blogs enable you engage with your customers through comments and sharing. Through the comments, you can re-structure your products/services to get more sales.

  • Online shops/ market places.

Online shops allow customers buy products and services directly over the internet. The shops advertise the products they have and once you pick all the items you want and pay for them they will be delivered to you. Online shops come with benefits such as quality images, easy payment process, quality products, easy store navigation and excellent product descriptions. In addition, they help customers acquire products and services from all over the world at their disposal.

  • Social media accounts.

This is the use of social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram) to sell your products and services. It comes with the benefit of reaching out to a larger market throughout the world. It involves advertising of products/services using videos to demonstrate how they work. Information can easily be shared on the social media accounts making your business widely known and gaining you more clients.

  • Content marketing.

Content marketing is a viable marketing strategy that involves creating and distributing informative, valuable and consistent content to current and potential clients, while at the same time retaining the sole purpose of a business that is maximizing on profit. It can be done by already existing businesses who want to gain more customers or new businesses who are introducing their product into the market. Content marketing involves content creation where you demystify your products and services for potential clients to learn about it.

  • Advantages of running a online business from a café.

A lot must be put into consideration before moving your business online. For example, you may need to familiarize yourself with a number of software’s depending on the line of business you deal with. In addition, you must tailor your product/service to meet the client’s demands.

Below are the benefits that come with online business;

  • Cuts cost on rent and staffing, as every transaction is done online.
  • Better efficiency and flexibility in delivery of products and services.
  • 24/7 business operation.
  • No startup investment.

Well, yes you can stay at home sipping your coffee as your bank account does the magic. Identify a need in the market and fill it with your product online and you will be laughing all the way to the bank. Only thing one needs is a plan and the right motivation to have a successful online business.

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