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This Ixwebhosting review site is hosted. All their secret is revealed via our real life testing. To fully understand a web host, you need to get into it and test it inside out. That is what we belief in, get real experience and run some field test, all web hosting reviews are based on true facts and not prediction. This is what differentiates this review site from the others and make us the best review blog today. We have self-owned shared hosting account with Ix web hosting, we pay for our web hosting plan, and we host few websites with Ix web hosting right now. That is 100% real reviews and based on real facts and experience.

So far we have posted more than 200 Ix review articles, fully based on our testing and research finding, and this is the best it can be. Off course, all these reviews are provided free right here, and anyone can refer to the information. We have Ix web hosting uptime and downtime stat provided free too. View it to see what is our Ix website uptime percentage and how good is their web hosting services.

Introduction to Ixwebhosting.

This is a famous web hosting company. Their hosting price is affordable, hosting quality is great and has been around since 1999 and offering great web hosting services until now. They are now with Linux and Windows hosting plans, three variety of shared web hosting plans to choose from. They are now offering VPS hosting plans and highly reliable cloud hosting services too. They are now more than just budget service provider and became a very professional company over the many years.

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Is Ixwebhosting Any Good?

We know their web hosting quality is one of the best and our websites hosted with their shared web hosting are receiving great uptime rating. Website speed, quality, and uptime are above expectation and we are happy with the service quality. Ix web hosting is unique and they give a lot of dedicated IP address. Their shared hosting package with 15 dedicated IP and 3 free domains is irresistible. All these cost more than $200 dollars per year, and you are getting them for free when hosting with Ix hosting. No wonder, they are now preferred by more than 500,000 websites.

Ixwebhosting review on feature specification. 

As we mentioned, we are hosting with Ix web hosting for many years and using their services. For this, we know their web hosting features, their features and tools provided. We know everything about them, what new features being introduced, and what they have been improving for recent years. Via our Ix web hosting reviews we witness their system improvement, new VPS hosting and new cloud hosting introduced, and many more.

Here are their shared hosting plan and features:

  • Unlimited storage space, bandwidth and domains.
  • Free 15 IP addresses, 3 domain names, website builder and 1-click installer.
  • Free domain security scanning and redundant network routing.
  • Including $75 Google Adwords, $50 Miva ads, $25 Yahoo search and marketing videos.
  • 24/7 technical support with dedicated support representative.
  • 99.9% network uptime & anytime money back guarantee.

Ixwebhosting review on VPS web hosting.

They are launching this VPS hosting plan at year 2009! We trust them and it’s been offering excellent service uptime, good customer service, and feature rich web hosting. Is their VPS web hosting plan any good and should we upgrade to these plan? Here is what $29.95 dollars can buy you:

  1. 1 CPU core with 384 MB guaranteed RAM.
  2. 10 GB disk storage and 500 GB data transfer.
  3. Host unlimited domains.
  4. Free 2 dedicated IP addresses.
  5. Complete root and admin access.

Refer to diagram below for all three VPS plans features and comparison. Choose the plan that met your budget and start from the smaller plan for best value for money. Upgrade is available and user account can be upgraded to bigger or downgrade to lower plan at user preference.

Ixwebhosting review on VPS advantages.

What are the advantages to host with VPS web hosting plan and why to upgrade from shared hosting?

  1. It offers full server access, configuration and admin control. This allows software installation and server rebooting at any time.
  2. It is more superior compare to shared hosting. It offers better uptime and performance.
  3. Your hosting space is not shared with any other users. This is independently own web hosting environment and hence guarantee higher level of security.
  4. With faster website, Google love it and rate it higher in search ranking.
  5. More visitor can visit your site and at faster loading speed.

For a small price upgrade, user can choose to upgrade to VPS plan and received the benefits and advantages. When your site is growing in scale and traffic, a new VPS plan upgrade is the best choice and it’s not expensive when choosing this VPS package which is designed according to user budget.

Ixwebhosting review on cloud hosting service.

During 2010, virtual private server (VPS) hosting is the big thing, lots of web hosting companies jump in and start offering VPS hosting plan. They do offer VPS hosting plan too, and you can view their VPS hosting plan for comparison. This year 2011, there is a new big thing, and it’s named the cloud hosting service. What is cloud web hosting and why is more and more web hosting companies are offering this?

Ix cloud hosting offers the best redundancy and best performance. It offers total control and flexibility of a dedicated server. Quality of services and service uptime are the best too. It also allows root access to websites, Internet service, SQL, software application, and infrastructure service.

After we checked and compare cloud with the other cloud hosting plan, clearly we see the different now. Their cloud hosting plan is a cloud VPS hosting plan, you have combination of VPS hosting feature with redundancy of cloud web hosting. That is rock solid VPS hosting plan in short!

Ixwebhosting review on control panel. 

There are some improvement to Ix web hosting control panel here and there, we are witnessing some changes in the pass few months. In our previous Ix control panel reviews, we stated that control panel allows multiple account management; from here you get to manage all your web hosting accounts and domain name registered with Ix web hosting. If you have many hosting account like we do, you can log in to Ix control panel and manage all your hosting accounts at once, it just like WHM control panel that allows you to edit current web hosting accounts you have.

Next, there are new features added to Ix web hosting control panel, from the left you can see there is quick link to ix product page. Buy more product or domain name made easy, you can upgrade to VPS hosting plan and order it from Ix control panel too. There is new marketing centre and business centre added to the menu too. Ix marketing centre is where you get all the free marketing credits for online PPC advertising, including Miva, Google Adwords and yahoo marketing.

There is new Ix status blog link included too, this blog is updated with server maintenance schedule and any downtime occurs to web server. If your website is down at anytime, you can log in and get to this Ix status blog to check on your web hosting server downtime status if any. The Ix support team with live chat is available at CP and ready to assist you too.

Ixwebhosting control panel demo

Ixwebhosting review on customer support. 

They are now offering dedicated support hero for their customer, regardless you signup $3.95 hosting plan or the $7.95 hosting plan, you are getting dedicated support hero for your account!

We recall few weeks ago, we get the dedicated customer support in our Ix control panel. We are assigned to a support team, and there is profile of them and contact person to reach for when we need it. It’s what they referring dedicated support team for their customers. Its great, we have try that before, contact the support team for assistant, and they are very specialized in helping us. That’s the advantage of having a dedicated support team, its highly specialized!

Now, they are featuring dedicated support at homepage, and now its one of the feature that differentiates them from other web hosting company. You can’t find dedicated support for other web hosting plan that you have, compare it with Hostgator Bluehost Hostmonster etc, can you get the same dedicated support team? Not!

Is Ixwebhosting sucks or not?

 If your websites is hacked recently, you are welcome to post all about it here. Tell us which of your websites being hacked, and the server that you reside on. This information will greatly help other people too.

If you are hosting with them, these are the extra thing that you can do to protect your websites from getting hack (again). For example grant FTP login for your IP range, and blocking FTP access from other IP. More website security precaution that your website can take is to use the most updated software version, example the latest WordPress version. Use secure password with strong combination for your website login, FTP accounts, and hosting account. Do not install insecure web script or apps or plug-in. And make sure they are updated as well.

Tell us which of your websites getting hacked, when, and how (if you find out how). Once again, this information will greatly help others. Share it here!

Ixwebhosting review on affiliate program. This affiliate program pays up to $150 dollars per sales, for each successful customer that you sent to them. They are now paying from $50 dollars to $150 dollars; you earn more for the bigger hosting sold. If you sent in 10 customers each month, you can earn from $500 to $1500, it depend on which hosting plan your customer chose.

Ixwebhosting DNS domain name server for new website. We having few hosting account with them and from setup email that we received, following are the pair of domain name servers that we am suppose to use:

  • Primary name server:
  • Secondary name server:

Following are few of their DNS, there might be more. Thus, you should refer to your account setup email and use the designated DNS record, and so your website can be hosted here.

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Top Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment

Making money online is a popular trend nowadays and more and more people are looking for ways to make money from the internet. People want to make money from internet either to supplement their day job earnings or earn a full time living from the internet. You may fail to make money online because of lack of knowledge about the various methods available to earn a consistent income from the internet. Making money online with zero investment is possible and a lot of people are earning a full time living from their online business which they started with zero investment. In this article we will discuss some of the most legitimate ways to earn a good income from the internet without making any investment.

Here are some of the best ways to making money online without having to spend money to get started:

  1. Become a Freelancer.

Freelancers are making good income online and there are a number of different services that you can offer and get paid for your work. You may have different skills like editing, writing, web designing, graphic designing, proofreading etc which can be offered as services as a freelancer. You can earn good income for these services once you build a good client base. You don’t need to make any investment and have to promote your services to your potential clients so that they can hire you and you get paid for finishing projects that they assign you.

You need to understand that there are already thousands of freelancers online offering various services and therefore you would face some tough competition. You may find it hard to get consistent work when you get started but over time you can expect things to become easier once you build a client base. You can find a number of websites that are dedicated to help freelancers find potential clients. You can create a profile on a number of these sites with information about the services you offer and any experience that you may have. You should aim to deliver projects on time as per the client’s requirements as this will help to build your reputation and become a successful freelancer with a consistent income.

  1. Creating Videos For YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most visited website on the internet and it is like an online library for different types of videos. Everyday thousands of new videos are added to YouTube and the site gets massive amount of traffic from various sources including leading search engines. You need to find some product or service that you can promote and with the massive traffic that YouTube already has it won’t be difficult to make money. The best part is you don’t need to pay to advertise a product or service on YouTube. You should choose a high quality product or service which offers great value to people who buy it. This will help you build a steady income source through your video without having to make any investment.

  1. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is another lucrative way to make money online without making an investment to get started. You have to find high quality products that you can promote to potential customers and every time a sale is made you earn a commission as an affiliate of the product. You get paid by the product owners through affiliate networks where their product is listed. Clickbank and Amazon are the most popular affiliate network websites where you can find thousands of products to promote. You can promote these products either through social media sites or even create a free blog to write reviews to attract potential customers to buy them.

  1. Earn Money Writing Articles.

Writing articles is one of the best ways to make money online and the only thing you would need is good command over the language you write. You would need to market your services to potential clients so that they can hire you and pay you for writing content for them. Website owners and Bloggers always need fresh content to maintain a steady flow of quality traffic to their sites and there is a great scope for getting writing projects on a consistent basis once you build a client base by providing quality work to the people who hire you.

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Ixwebhosting vs Siteground – Two cloud web hosts comparison

If you’re currently in the process of comparing different hosting companies to find the right host for your websites, then the chances are high you’ve already come across Ixwebhosting and Siteground. These two web hosting firms rank as mid-sized players within the hosting market and each have a sizeable client base, many of whom choose one of the respective hosts due to the specific features they offer. To help you make up your mind on which of these two hosts to choose, here is our full Ixwebhosting vs Siteground review!

Which is Best for Hosting WordPress and Joomla?

One of the key features that attract users to host their sites with Ixwebhosting instead of the many rival companies on the market is their outstanding support for running the most in-demand web apps. Ixwebhosting has optimised its service around providing a great experience for its users when using apps such as WordPress, Magento and Joomla. Siteground does offer WordPress specific hosting, however if you specifically want the best host to run the apps listed above, then Siteground is probably the better option for you.

Which is Best Value for Money?

If you compare the lowest price packages on offer from Ixwebhosting and Siteground, then you will see that they both offer a basic package for $3.95/month. However, although these rival packages check in at the same price, they’re very different in terms of the features they offer. With Siteground’s $3.95/month hosting package you are only able to host one website and are allocated 10GB per month of bandwidth. With Ixwebhosting’s $3.95/month offering you are given unlimited disk space, bandwidth and the ability to host as many domains as you want. At the outset surely it seems like Ixwebhosting is giving customers the best deal? Not so fast! While you’re getting more in terms of quantity from Ixwebhosting you are likely sacrificing a lot when it comes to quantity. This is because their budget hosting service will end up hosting far more domains and traffic operating off a single server, which means that uptime and loading speeds will be slower.

Uptime Guarantees Compared.

Both hosting providers make strong claims on how good their uptime is. However, only one of them actually backs these claims up with verification on whether or not their uptime is as good as they claim it to be. Ixwebhosting provides a written guarantee that your sites will have a 99.9% uptime when hosted with one of their packages; however, Siteground actually releases both monthly and annual verified figures to let you know exactly what their levels of uptime are. In this round, the win has to be awarded to Siteground.

Who offers the best customer support?

Siteground and Ixwebhosting both provide excellent levels of multi-modal support to their customers. Contact with the customer support team is available through email, over the phone or on live chat. Both firms allow you to quickly get in contact with their support teams at any time of the day and on any day of the week. When looking at the overall support, once again Siteground slightly edges it. Little details such as being able to see the particular expertise of support staff on Live Chat added to the fact that their support team is overstaffed all help to ensure Siteground’s support is as good as you’ll find anywhere online.

Cloud Hosting Comparison.

Siteground’s cloud hosting service is highly regarded within the industry and is available in several clearly specified packages, which cater to those just getting started with cloud hosting all the way up to large companies needing a full-on cloud hosting package. Siteground’s offerings are quite expensive, with the cheapest package coming in at a cost of $54/month. However, in terms of overall quality and attention to all details of the hosting package you will struggle to find a better value cloud hosting offer anywhere else. Ixwebhosting also offers cloud hosting package, however the package on offer is less well defined. One clear benefit to Ixwebhosting’s cloud package is that appears it is possible to sign up to use the service for a very short time frame and only pay for what you use, even if it’s only for a few hours. This can make it far more cost effective if you only need a website to be up and running for just a few hours.

Should you choose Ix web hosting or Siteground?

Overall, Siteground offers a higher quality hosting experience than Ixwebhosting. Ixwebhosting is still an excellent host, however Siteground is an industry leader in many areas. For most people, the sensible choice is to sign up with Siteground. On the other hand, if you’re looking for unlimited bandwidth at a low price or want short-term cloud hosting, then Ixwebhosting can be the perfect choice for your needs.

View the Siteground reviews and demos here.

View the Ixwebhosting reviews and demos here.

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