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This Ixwebhosting review site is hosted. All their secret is revealed via our real life testing. To fully understand a web host, you need to get into it and test it inside out. That is what we belief in, get real experience and run some field test, all web hosting reviews are based on true facts and not prediction. This is what differentiates this review site from the others and make us the best review blog today. We have self-owned shared hosting account with Ix web hosting, we pay for our web hosting plan, and we host few websites with Ix web hosting right now. That is 100% real reviews and based on real facts and experience.

So far we have posted more than 200 Ix review articles, fully based on our testing and research finding, and this is the best it can be. Off course, all these reviews are provided free right here, and anyone can refer to the information. We have Ix web hosting uptime and downtime stat provided free too. View it to see what is our Ix website uptime percentage and how good is their web hosting services.

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Is Ixwebhosting any good? This is a famous web hosting company. Their hosting price is affordable, hosting quality is great and has been around since 1999 and offering great web hosting services until now. They are now with Linux and Windows hosting plans, three variety of shared web hosting plans to choose from. They are now offering VPS hosting plans and highly reliable cloud hosting services too. They are now more than just budget service provider and became a very professional company over the many years.

We know their web hosting quality is one of the best and our websites hosted with their shared web hosting are receiving great uptime rating. Website speed, quality, and uptime are above expectation and we are happy with the service quality. Ix web hosting is unique and they give a lot of dedicated IP address. Their shared hosting package with 15 dedicated IP and 3 free domains is irresistible. All these cost more than $200 dollars per year, and you are getting them for free when hosting with Ix hosting. No wonder, they are now preferred by more than 500,000 websites.

Ixwebhosting review on feature specification. As we mentioned, we are hosting with Ix web hosting for many years and using their services. For this, we know their web hosting features, their features and tools provided. We know everything about them, what new features being introduced, and what they have been improving for recent years. Via our Ix web hosting reviews we witness their system improvement, new VPS hosting and new cloud hosting introduced, and many more.

Here are their shared hosting plan and features:

  • Unlimited storage space, bandwidth and domains.
  • Free 15 IP addresses, 3 domain names, website builder and 1-click installer.
  • Free domain security scanning and redundant network routing.
  • Including $75 Google Adwords, $50 Miva ads, $25 Yahoo search and marketing videos.
  • 24/7 technical support with dedicated support representative.
  • 99.9% network uptime & anytime money back guarantee.

Ixwebhosting review on VPS web hosting. They are launching this VPS hosting plan at year 2009! We trust them and it’s been offering excellent service uptime, good customer service, and feature rich web hosting. Is their VPS web hosting plan any good and should we upgrade to these plan? Here is what $29.95 dollars can buy you:

  • 1 CPU core with 384 MB guaranteed RAM.
  • 10 GB disk storage and 500 GB data transfer.
  • Host unlimited domains.
  • Free 2 dedicated IP addresses.
  • Complete root and admin access.

Refer to diagram below for all three VPS plans features and comparison. Choose the plan that met your budget and start from the smaller plan for best value for money. Upgrade is available and user account can be upgraded to bigger or downgrade to lower plan at user preference.

What are the advantages to host with VPS web hosting plan and why to upgrade from shared hosting?

  • It offers full server access, configuration and admin control. This allows software installation and server rebooting at any time.
  • It is more superior compare to shared hosting. It offers better uptime and performance.
  • Your hosting space is not shared with any other users. This is independently own web hosting environment and hence guarantee higher level of security.
  • With faster website, Google love it and rate it higher in search ranking.
  • More visitor can visit your site and at faster loading speed.

For a small price upgrade, user can choose to upgrade to VPS plan and received the benefits and advantages. When your site is growing in scale and traffic, a new VPS plan upgrade is the best choice and it’s not expensive when choosing this VPS package which is designed according to user budget.

Ixwebhosting review on cloud hosting service. During 2010, virtual private server (VPS) hosting is the big thing, lots of web hosting companies jump in and start offering VPS hosting plan. They do offer VPS hosting plan too, and you can view their VPS hosting plan for comparison. This year 2011, there is a new big thing, and it’s named the cloud hosting service. What is cloud web hosting and why is more and more web hosting companies are offering this?

Ix cloud hosting offers the best redundancy and best performance. It offers total control and flexibility of a dedicated server. Quality of services and service uptime are the best too. It also allows root access to websites, Internet service, SQL, software application, and infrastructure service.

After we checked and compare cloud with the other cloud hosting plan, clearly we see the different now. Their cloud hosting plan is a cloud VPS hosting plan, you have combination of VPS hosting feature with redundancy of cloud web hosting. That is rock solid VPS hosting plan in short!

Ixwebhosting review on control panel. There are some improvement to Ix web hosting control panel here and there, we are witnessing some changes in the pass few months. In our previous Ix control panel reviews, we stated that control panel allows multiple account management; from here you get to manage all your web hosting accounts and domain name registered with Ix web hosting. If you have many hosting account like we do, you can log in to Ix control panel and manage all your hosting accounts at once, it just like WHM control panel that allows you to edit current web hosting accounts you have.

Next, there are new features added to Ix web hosting control panel, from the left you can see there is quick link to ix product page. Buy more product or domain name made easy, you can upgrade to VPS hosting plan and order it from Ix control panel too. There is new marketing centre and business centre added to the menu too. Ix marketing centre is where you get all the free marketing credits for online PPC advertising, including Miva, Google Adwords and yahoo marketing.

There is new Ix status blog link included too, this blog is updated with server maintenance schedule and any downtime occurs to web server. If your website is down at anytime, you can log in and get to this Ix status blog to check on your web hosting server downtime status if any. The Ix support team with live chat is available at CP and ready to assist you too.

Ixwebhosting control panel demo

Ixwebhosting review on customer support. They are now offering dedicated support hero for their customer, regardless you signup $3.95 hosting plan or the $7.95 hosting plan, you are getting dedicated support hero for your account!

We recall few weeks ago, we get the dedicated customer support in our Ix control panel. We are assigned to a support team, and there is profile of them and contact person to reach for when we need it. It’s what they referring dedicated support team for their customers. Its great, we have try that before, contact the support team for assistant, and they are very specialized in helping us. That’s the advantage of having a dedicated support team, its highly specialized!

Now, they are featuring dedicated support at homepage, and now its one of the feature that differentiates them from other web hosting company. You can’t find dedicated support for other web hosting plan that you have, compare it with Hostgator Bluehost Hostmonster etc, can you get the same dedicated support team? Not!

Ixwebhosting review on quality. Is Ixwebhosting sucks or not? If your websites is hacked recently, you are welcome to post all about it here. Tell us which of your websites being hacked, and the server that you reside on. This information will greatly help other people too.

If you are hosting with them, these are the extra thing that you can do to protect your websites from getting hack (again). For example grant FTP login for your IP range, and blocking FTP access from other IP. More website security precaution that your website can take is to use the most updated software version, example the latest WordPress version. Use secure password with strong combination for your website login, FTP accounts, and hosting account. Do not install insecure web script or apps or plug-in. And make sure they are updated as well.

Tell us which of your websites getting hacked, when, and how (if you find out how). Once again, this information will greatly help others. Share it here!

Ixwebhosting review on affiliate program. This Ixwebhosting affiliate program pays up to $150 dollars per sales, for each successful customer that you sent to them. They are now paying from $50 dollars to $150 dollars; you earn more for the bigger hosting sold. If you sent in 10 customers each month, you can earn from $500 to $1500, it depend on which hosting plan your customer chose.

We having few hosting account with them and from setup email that we received, following are the pair of domain name servers that we am suppose to use:

  • Primary name server:
  • Secondary name server:

Following are few of their DNS, there might be more. Thus, you should refer to your account setup email and use the designated DNS record, and so your website can be hosted here.

Ixwebhosting reviews via customer testimonials. If you have anything to say about Ixwebhosting and their services, please submit your testimonials to us. We are welcoming your reviews and feedback. Either good or bad, we want to hear your feedback. Following are some of customer reply we have received over the years.

Ixwebhosting review from Bryan. “Dear sir, I have a website which I am thinking of switching my hosting. My website script supports audio and video streaming, which is developed by third party. I would like to know whether do your host supports such audio and video scripts? Kindly advice. Thanks.”

Ixwebhosting review from Rachel. “Ix 20% discount is great offer, this is one of the reason I signup with them. No regret after more than one year hosting with Ixwebhosting. Their unlimited hosting plan is cheap. And I am getting lots of free domains and IPs in here. That is what I called value for money.”

Ixwebhosting review from Majorie. “Well, its going to be cheaper than having class-c IP. Their SEO hosting services are cheap and I can have many IP address for my account. I can host my websites with individual IP address. This is something other web hosts are unable to provide me.”

Ixwebhosting review from Glen D. “I was won over and continue to be a customer because of the 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. Other companies make the claim, but Ix web hosting actually delivers. Put that together with the fact that I was able to choose my level of support and I am a happy and never leaving customer. The ticket response times are incredible and hard to beat. By far, this is the best hosting company on the web.”

Ixwebhosting review from Mia. “Yes, it is reliable as well as secure hosting plan, thanks for sharing with us. Superb Ix discount information. Thank you. 20% is not small discount, thanks.”

Ixwebhosting review from Sajit. “Useful post. I am gonna take advantage of this secret link. Thanks buddy!”

Ixwebhosting review from William A. “I admit that I was skeptical about the company at first due to their unbelievable prices. But after taking the leap and purchasing a package, I was quickly won over. Their shared hosting with free dedicated IPs really helped me make my site a true success.”

Ixwebhosting review from Shirley. “As a business associate and a client of IX Web Hosting, their stability, success, and profitability will also have a positive impact on my business. This stability, success and profitability is an essential foundation for businesses like mine to build on in soliciting and recruiting new business who are in the search of a proven company that offers web hosting. I am satisfied with their services.”

Ixwebhosting review from Keran. “According to the experience I have with Ix Web Hosting, it is an outstanding host particularly in the regard to personalized service. It is reachable on a 24 hours basis. I would again like to thank Ix Web Hosting and am looking forward to a continued cordial business relations.”

Ixwebhosting review from Matthew. “I am a business developer and have used the services of Ix Web Hosting since the year 2008. I am more than impressed with their expertise and knowledge on Linux based systems and currently use them for those services. If you are a developer, then I highly recommend IX for you.”

Ixwebhosting review from Milan. “I would want just to say a few words about Ix Web Hosting support department. They are great people and provides a lot of help. They always do more than I expect and solves the issues in a very short time. The support team is a definite proof for why I use Ix Web Hosting. Thank you so much.”

Ixwebhosting review from Nishant. “I have used Ix Web Hosting for two and a half years now, and it has always provided a pleasant experience for me. Ix Web Hosting is an outstanding host, especially to individualized issues. The customer care is very much supportive. According to my experience, they are 99.99% uptime. Except once for 15 minutes, I have never experienced any downtime ever.”

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Ixwebhosting review and coupon by James Bradley

Ixwebhosting could be the most effective web hosting service provider for you. This is a full range of web hosting services with flexible packages. Come with 99.9% guaranteed uptime at reasonable price. You can know much more regarding this hosting service by going through the Ixwebhosting review provided here under.

Main features of Ixwebhosting

This web hosting service launched in 1999 in Ohio. They offer variety of hosting services. It includes easy applications installation. Initially it was started as a home business. But now it is providing hosting services to over 500,000 users all over the world. The wide range of services provided by this web hosting platform include cloud hosting, shared hosting, and VPS hosting. It can be used by the users of all levels as per their requirements. This including beginner level to corporate level.

Starting with Ixwebhosting

Ixwebhosting offers free trial opportunity for a week to its new users without signing up a long term agreement. Because they are confident that the users will repeat it after trying it for once. They support their services with 30 days no question money-back guarantee. The team of their professionals offers 24/7 customer support. Thus the services provided by Ixwebhosting are reliable. They have been accredited by TrustE, McAfee and E-commerce HackerShield,

Ixwebhosting Plans

Ixwebhosting offers different plans for every web hosting user. They promise to refund of the money of their customers within 30 days. If they’re not satisfied with their services, you can get your money back.

Ixwebhosting Features

The Ixwebhosting service packages have been divided into three types of services. This including shared hosting, cloud hosting and VPS hosting as well.

Shared hosting service packages

The shared hosting service package is again divided into 3 levels as per the users. Its divided into experts, business plus and unlimited for professionals. These packages include features different from each other.

The basic shared hosting is priced at $1.95 per month which could be renewed at monthly rate of $6.95. They offer one free domain and two dedicated IP addresses in this plan.

The second level plan offers two free domains with 3 dedicated IP addresses. The promotional monthly price is $7.95 which can e renewed every month for $9.95.

The unlimited hosting plan includes 15 dedicated IP and three domains absolutely free. The monthly promotional price of $7.95 to be renewed at monthly rate of $12.95.

VPS hosting packages

The VPS hosting service users with Ixwebhosting can use disk space and dual core server according to their choice. The promotional monthly price is $54.95. All the users can setup WordPress, Drupal and Joomla in here. Plan come with unlimited space, bandwidth, data transfer, domain and sub-domains.

Ixwebhosting and Coupons

All new users can get Ixwebhosting coupon automatically to avail the discount of 10%. Sign up with it to avail its web hosting services for 1, 2 or 3 years. Ixwebhosting coupon can be ideal for you if you wish to save few bucks.

After going through this Ixwebhosting review, you can easily know that it is the best hosting service provider.

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Ixwebhosting review and coupon by Beatty Molloy

Ixwebhosting can be the best choice for you as it allows you to start with a shared hosting account at the low price of $3.95 per month. The Ixwebhosting review provided in this write-up will help you to know more about this hosting service.


Ixwebhosting service was started back in 1999 through the server in a living room. But today the company serves more than 110,000 customers all over the world who host more than 460,000 websites every year. Today they serve from the combined building of their headquarter and data centre at Columbus in Ohio, USA.

Features and plans

Ixwebhosting offers its hosting services through three different plans. Namely shared hosting plan, cloud hosting plan and VPS hosting plan. Shred and cloud hosting plans are further divided. The initial plan of shared hosting for experts and professionals offers one domain name and 2 dedicated IP addresses. Its priced at $6.95 per month which can be reduced to the promotional price of$1.95 through Ixwebhosting coupon. But its renewal will cost $6.95/month. Similarly Ixwebhosting coupon can be used to reduce the promotional cost of business plan. It includes 2 domain and 3 dedicated IP addresses for $9.95/month to $7.95/month. Its corporate plan that costs $12.95/month can also be reduced to $7.95/month.

Cloud hosting plan allows professionals to use 2x CPU core, 1GB RAM, to transfer 300GB data. The promotional price is 99.99/month whereas its renewable price is $160.35/month. Similarly business plan allows using 4GB RAM and 2x CPU core to transfer 900 GB data. Priced at $174.99/month against $246.55/month renewal cost. Its corporate plan allows transferring 1500 GB data with 4xCPU core and 1,500 GB RAM. Priced at $249.99/month against $319.50/month renewal cost.

The VPS hosting services offered by Ixwebhosting can be availed at $54.95/month. It uses the dual core server with bandwidth, disk space and RAM of your choice.

The control panel offered by Ixwebhosting for its shared hosting services is a bit disappointing. It is not user friendly especially for beginners. Newbies may not host and run their blogs easily through this platform. They will have to make additional efforts which will not be easy for them

Customer Support

Ixwebhosting offers 24/7 customer support through phone, email, chat and online support ticket. Its just like various other hosting service providers.

Service Uptime

Ixwebhosting is considered to be a reliable web hosting service. They guarantee to provide 99.9% uptime for hosting your website anytime in a year. They promise to refund your hosting fee on your online request, if in any month the uptime falls below.


The technology used in iXWebHosting makes it one of the best hosting services for its clients. They offer safe and reliable hosting services at affordable prices to their clients. The company gives better performance to its clients through e-mail services, support, e-commerce features. They provide better customer support services and reliable technology.

Pros and Cons

Advantages and disadvantages provided here under are based on the personal experiences.


  • The dedicated IP addresses are generously offered by Ixwebhosting.
  • Great features are offered at very affordable prices.
  • It offers great hosting service for the customers in USA. Its English speaking representatives available onsite can help them.
  • Its 99.99%uptime makes it one of the most reliable servers.
  • They follow honest business practices. They refund their hosting fee without asking any question. If you are not satisfied their services within trial period.


The control panel of Ixwebhosting is not easy to use especially for beginners.


You will have to decide whether you want to use it for hosting your website or not. If you want an affordable web hosting service then Ixwebhosting can be the best choice for you. It offers solid hosting servers and complete hosting features. All at exceptional customer service at a very reasonable cost. Under Pro plan it also provides lots of free dedicated IP addresses to the professionals.

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Ixwebhosting review and coupon by Eli Hudson

Started with a server in a living room in 1999, Ixwebhosting have grown to be one of the best hosting companies in the market. With over a decade of experience, they have gained the necessary knowledge and stability to provide the best service to over 100,000 customers that they serve today.


Having grown from a single server in someone’s living room, they have grown over the years and now provide reliable hosting to over 100,000customers hosting more than 400,000 websites. They are highly ranked and receive many positive customer reviews and testimonials for their exceptional hosting features that are not only cheap but also easy to understand and reasonable.

Ixwebhosting offers three main packages, shared hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting.

Ixwebhosting Review on Shared Hosting

Ixwebhosting shared platform is one of the most affordable in the market and it comes with features like unlimited space, bandwidth, free domains, data transfer and email support. The three tiers in shared hosting are:

  • Expert: You get one domain and 2 dedicated IP’s at a special promo coupon price of $1.95/month and $6.95/month on renewal.
  • Business Plus: You get 2 free domains and 3 dedicated IP’s at a special promo coupon price of $7.95/month and $9.95/month on renewal
  • Unlimited Pro: You get 3 free domains, 15 dedicated IP’s at a special promo coupon price of $7.95/month and $12.95 on renewal.

Ixwebhosting Review on VPS Hosting

With VPS hosting, you get full root access, a dual core server with more system resources and uptime guaranteed. VPS is the closest you can get to a dedicated server with full control of your own self-managed server. You can use it with Windows or Linux VPS hosting platforms from Ixwebhosting.

  • X4 Linux: For a coupon price of $54.95,you get 4x CPU cores, 1500GB data transfer, 768MB RAM, 50GB space, 2dedicated IPS , cPanel/Plesk, unlimited domains and complete root and admin access.
  • X8 Linux: For a coupon price of $89.95 you get 8xCPU Cores, 2000GB, 2048MB RAM, Data Transfer, 100GB Storage, 2 Dedicated IPs, cPanel / Plesk, unlimited domains and complete root and admin access.
  • X4 windows: For a coupon price of $69.95 you get 4xCPU Cores, 1500GB Data Transfer, 768MB RAM, 50GB Storage, 2 Dedicated IPs,Plesk 10Control Panel (Upon Request), unlimited domains and complete root and admin access.
  • X8 windows: For a price discount of $104.95 you get 8xCPU Cores, 2000GB Data Transfer, 100GB Storage, 2048M RAM, 2 Dedicated IPs, Plesk 10Control Panel (Upon Request), unlimited domains and complete root and admin access.

Ixwebhosting Review on Cloud Hosting

Public cloud hosting is also provided for those who need more resources and specific control panels or operating systems. IX cloud hosting is built around the client’s goals, taking care of all your needs from moving to cloud hosting, safety of your IT to 24/7 support. Cloud hosting package is available for Linux (supports both cPanel and Plesk controls) and Windows (supports Plesk only) platforms. The three tiers in IX cloud hosting include.

  • Professional: For a discounted price of $99.99/month you get 2x CPU Cores, 1 GB RAM, 300GB data transfer, 20GB SAN storage and 2 dedicated IP.
  • Business: For a coupon price of $174.99 you get 2x CPU Cores, 4 GB RAM, 900GB data transfer, 60GB SAN storage and 2 dedicated IP.
  • Corporate: For a coupon price of $249.99 you get 4x CPU Cores, 4 GB RAM, 1500GB data transfer, 150GB SAN storage and 2 dedicated IP.

Ecommerce Features

Ixwebhosting has several add-ons that turn ecommerce websites into secure and easy to navigate online stores. The SSL certificate makes your business secure and you gain trust from customers while Merchant accounts and Gateway offer the highest quality of payment Gateways and credit card processing. The Zen shopping Cart makes shopping fast and fun for customers.

Customer Service and Usability

The IX control panel is easy to use when managing and customize your website. It comes with beautiful and usable design. If you are a beginner with websites, you can get help when you have any questions or concerns.

Customer support is available by phone, ticket, email, and chat. There are many positive customer support reviews that show Ixwebhosting take their clients seriously and are committed to meet their needs.


  • Reliable uptime of up to 99.99% guarantee
  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains
  • Free easy to use site builder
  • Free trial account
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Affordable packages


  • No dedicated hosting


If you are looking for reasonably priced hosting services with great features and exceptional customer support, consider Ixwebhosting. The hosting features are tailored to meet your needs and you get value for your money with uptime guarantee, inherent redundancy and great performance.

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Ixwebhosting review and coupon by Joan Walker

Did you know that you can still get the best even when you need to spend less? Well, the Ixwebhosting is the mother to all those who are on a tight budget and want things to be done the perfect way. Get a shared hosting account and spend less than $4 a month to maintain your shared hosting account. Before you trust your money on IX, you need to know who they are. Read On!

Ixwebhosting is an experienced web hosting company that has been in existence for several years. It has gathered enough experience and technical knowledge to provide hosting services in a stable manner. Can you imagine since 1999 this company had already started to provide services for its clients? Very few had computers leave the idea of web hosting alone. Today, the company serves more than 110,000 customers and boasts of hosting more than 470,000 websites.

Ixwebhosting Guarantees You the Following;

  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth and Hosted domains.
  • Free domain registration and instant setup.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • VPS, Cloud and shared hosting.
  • Tons of easy.

Ixwebhosting Holds Your Business Future!!

Getting to enjoy services at an affordable price has never been any easier if you choose to fly with this reputable company. Unlike most hosting firms, IX offers three unique packages that can bring great success to your business. Shared hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting are the three giants that will roll things down the hill with ease.

These web hosting service plans come with unlimited bandwidth, space, subdomains, data transfer and email accounts. You also stand a chance to enjoy other platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Ixwebhosting Hosting Plans

There are several plans that can suit your needs. Check the following:

  • Raw log files for multipurpose.
  • Web statistics plans.
  • Web designing software plans.
  • E-commerce shopping carts.
  • Worldwide mail access.
  • Online file manager etc.

Clients are satisfied with the customer care services and the hosting plan that IX provides. You can view this by going through customer testimonials or going through reviews that state the same. Most customers are also confident because they can get their money back in case they are not satisfied.

Control Panel

The Ixwebhosting are in another world and embrace panels such as Plesk, vDeck and cPanel. It has its control panels linked with its hosting plans making it a little bit clumsy for some clients. Although the panel can be confusing when beginning, you get to understand it with time and cope with the situation.

The Pros:

  • Has a generous dedicated IP offers
  • It’s economical and affordable
  • Fluent English speaking customer care representatives
  • Has a reliable uptime guarantee
  • It’s an honest business practice with more than 15 years of experience

The Cons:

  • Control panel is not easy to use.

Customer Support

Getting attended in the right way and at the right time is one of the best things that every client wants. With IX, you get the best customer care services 24/7. All the customer care representatives work hand in hand with the other company employees in order to be more effective.

IX Web Hosting Uptime/Downtime

Just like earlier said, IX runs on its own tier, and it is based in Ohio. It uses its own facility and offers up to 99.9% uptime guarantee. The company also takes backups for its use and customer purposes. It has automatic system software’s that monitor the network, scans for malware and automatically eradicates any malicious code in the system.

Why Choose Ixwebhosting?

When comparing IX and other web hosting companies, the most important thing to consider is the dedicated IP. It’s a fair deal because if you will save a lot of money simply because you won’t need to pay top-up fees for your IP addresses.

Additionally, it has fair plans, and the support department is also committed to serving clients wholeheartedly. You also get assured of safety with the money back guarantee in the same price band.


Well, different people have different taste and preference when it comes to choosing who to work for. However, some factors such as experience, service quality and efficiency remains constant to almost everyone. Choosing Ixwebhosting can be a good decision due to its reasonable price, quality services, dedicated IP address, exceptional customer service and even comprehensive hosting features. Well, having everything at an affordable price is also one step towards getting to your goal.

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Ixwebhosting review and coupon by Jude Kim

Ixwebhosting was founded in 1999 by Fathi Said. It is headquartered in Colombus, Ohio and currently employs 200 employees in 4 countries. It claims to offer one of the best reliable PHP hosting solutions at the most affordable rates. It currently serves over 600,000 websites internationally.

Product and price review

The company specializes in PHP hosting solutions and offers exceptional features for customers to support their websites. It has 3 shared hosting plans for Linux listed below:

  • Expert – $ 3.95 monthly.
  • Business Plus – $ 7.95 monthly.
  • Unlimited Pro – $ 7.95 monthly.

On a Windows platform, they have only 2 shared hosting plans listed below:

  • Business Plus – $ 4.50 monthly.
  • Unlimited Pro – $ 9.95 monthly.

The above plans are currently a special promotion offer. They offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains and email accounts. They are probably the only company that offers dedicated free IPs for cheap hosting solutions which is excellent for SEO. They have a 30 day money back guarantee and there is also a free 7 day trial included.

Linux VPS hosting plans:

  • X4 Linux – $ 54.95 monthly (4x CPU cores, 768MB RAM, 50 GB storage).
  • X8 Linux – $ 89.95 monthly (8x CPU cores, 2048MB RAM, 100 GB storage).

Windows VPS hosting plans are similar except for the prices which are $ 69.95 and $ 104.95 respectively.

The above VPS plans also come with “Burstable” RAM, unlimited domains and complete root and administration access.

Linux Cloud hosting:

  • Professional – $ 99.99 monthly (2x CPU cores, 1GB RAM, 300 GB data transfer, 20GB SAN storage).
  • Business – $ 174.99 monthly (4x CPU cores, 4GB RAM, 900 GB data transfer, 60GB SAN storage).
  • Corporate – $ 249.99 monthly (4x CPU cores, 4GB RAM, 1500 GB data transfer, 150GB SAN storage).

The Windows Cloud hosting is similar to the above except in prices which are $ 129.99, $ 194.99 and $ 269.99 respectively.

They have a coupon code which can be activated by registering for any of the above plans on their special “coupon-code” page. It is a 10% discount offer that is only valid for first 3 billing years.

Downtime/uptime guarantees

Due to highly professional and dedicated staff members, the company guarantees a 99.9% uptime by frequent network and data backing activates. The company has its own redundant “3(n+1)” tier data center backed by the latest power back up system.

Ecommerce feature

The company offers a high quality credit card processing and payment gateway service available for only US customers known as “The Merchant Account”. It is tailor made to seamlessly work for all ecommerce related activities via auction business, internet, mail/phone order and retail.

All clients have the privilege of being able to acquire the highest rated SSL certificate. This is possible as Ixwebhosting has partnered with Ecommerce – the leading internet Global Certificate Authority.

Free ecommerce features available for clients on all plans are:

  • Online store.
  • Free quote on professional web design services.
  • Free Ecommerce tutorials.
  • Shopping carts.

Control panel

All the Linux plans come with a choice of 2 control panels: cPanel or Plesk. The Windows plans include a pre-installed version of Plesk 10 but customers can request for a change to cPanel.

Domain registration

The domain extensions which are registered by this company are .biz, .us, .info, .net, .org, and .com

Customer Support

All its customers can contact the company via live chat, email and phone. There is also the provision of video tutorials, browse-enabled data base, a hosting manual and an FAQ section. Ixwebhosting support staff is highly professional and certified with a rich history and knowledge in PHP related matters. In addition, if customers are not happy with the service they can cancel their accounts for free and the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee prorated fund. Working with the company is risk-free in monetary terms.

Customer reviews

Ixwebhosting customers have generally rated the company giving it an average of 4/5 stars. They are content particularly with its 30-day money back guarantee prorated fund policy which is sure to attract more customers.


Ixwebhosting is excellent for reliable, flexible and cheap PHP-rich features for hosting small business sites, personal blogs and SEO. However, before you decide on any one thing, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. Most experts will agree that It is not wise to pick a webhosting company without looking at all the factors clearly and carefully. If you do so, you will end up changing one company after the next, which can be quite expensive in the long run. The best way to go about it is to sit down and make list of all the things you require from a good webhosting company. In most cases, you will find that Ixwebhosting is the right company.

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